Georgioupolis is a small seaside tourist town. It is built in a lush area next to a sandy beach. The local stream Almyros runs into the beach; just before its mouth, a small pond is formed, affording a unique wetland that is home to many birds and animals. A street, lined with eucalyptus and cypress trees, will lead you into the main square. Upon entering there, you will see many more eucalyptus trees. The most popular attraction inside the harbour is the chapel of St. Nicholas, surrounded by sea-water. It is worth walking up there and taking dramatic photographs. Whether the sea is calm or the wind raises foaming waves, the scenery is delightful.

Take a nice walk along the coastal road of the town. If you want to take a break for coffee or for grabbing a bite, there is a great choice among taverns and cafes waiting for you there.


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